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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 29, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, the search expands for the missing airasia plane. the new clues surfacing this morning and the family that missed the flight because of an e-mail mix-up. happening now, hundreds evacuated from a burning ferry. we're hearing from the survivors as many more passengers wait for rescue. shark attack. the california surfer pulled underwater by a great white. his surfboard showing the scars. and how he was able to swim ashore. plus the clever marriage proposal and emotional response that's going viral this morning. and good monday morning. thanks for being here. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm tai hernandez.
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we begin with breaking news in the missing airasia plane. separate search crews have spotted oil in the water as well as objects. >> no word yet if this is possible debris from the plane. the objects were spotted along the flight path in the java sea. >> the discovery comes after the plane lost contact with air traffic control over the weekend and abc's susan saulny has the latest. >> reporter: a growing international search resumed on the java sea this morning for the missing passenger jet, airasia flight 8501. the plane carrying 162 people disappeared from radar more than 24 hours ago in airspace thick with storm clouds. for desperate family members, the wait is becoming ever more agonizing. >> we still have hope. we cannot lose hope. >> reporter: it was just after 5:30 sunday morning that the nearly full airbus a320 took off from indonesia's surabaya airport heading northwest to singapore. at 6:12 the pilot radios he wants to turn to go around the weather and climbs significantly from 32,000 feet to 38,000 feet. it's his last contact.
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five minutes later the jet disappears off indonesian radar according to that country's transport ministry. >> we don't want to speculate anymore. there's a deep sense of depression here, but we'll stay strong. >> reporter: the airline and the airplane have a good safety record and the pilot was experienced. still, the head of indonesia's search and rescue agency said this morning that the plane is likely, quote shgs at the bottom of the sea. experts are concerned. >> it's hard to imagine how a thunderstorm would bring down an airplane, especially with as experienced a crew as it is so i think that we'll probably find that weather was a contributing factor but was probably not the sole reason it was brought down. >> reporter: there were no americans on board but pentagon officials say they stand ready to assist in the search and rescue if requested. susan saulny, abc news, washington. and a man and his family escaped that doomed flight all because of a missed e-mail. >> ari kenyono and his nine family members were supposed to
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be on the airasia plane. he says the airline sent an e-mail weeks ago informing passengers the flight is leaving two hours earlier than the original departure time but ari never saw that e-mail. the family of ten showed up ten minutes after the plane took off. and stay with abc news for the very latest on the missing airasia plane. live team coverage coming up on "good morning america." another developing story this morning. the fate of the passengers on a fire-damaged ferry now drifting between greece and italy. the first large group of passengers who were rescued from the ship and flown to another vessel have now arrived at an italian port. but many more remain on board that damaged ferry and abc's hamish macdonald with the details. >> reporter: this is the nail-biting moment a mother and her children are pulled to safety. the italian navy winches them up and they were all being rescued from the burning ship. the norman atlantic carrying almost 500 people had left the greek port of patra
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"there were hundreds of containers on fire. they went on fire says this survivor. they started collapsing from the heat. one passenger captured these images before being rescued. flames engulfed the interior. outside they wait for help. merchant ships nearby are now lining up to form a barrier to protect the ferry from towering waves. passengers say that as they went below deck to access lifeboats, their shoes melted from the heat. the authorities say that the major blaze is now under control. but this is still very much a race against the clock to get them to safety. hamish macdonald, abc news, london. the war in afghanistan is officially over. the quiet ceremony marked the end of the 13-year-old international battle. the mission now is to train and support afghanistan's own army with a force that is mostly american. taliban promised to continue the fight and the changeover
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ceremony took place under tight security. the taliban call inging the war, quote, the most idiotic decision in history." the los angeles police department put on alert after two suspects allegedly shot at a moving patrol car. at least one of them had a rifle and one of the suspects has been arrested. there are no reports of injuries. just eight days earlier two new york city police officers were gunned down as they sat in their patrol car. that has put throughout the country on edge. a young police officer in arizona is being remembered after being killed in the line of duty. 24-year-old officer tyler stewart was shot multiple times by a domestic violence suspect would killed himself. the shooting has rocked the city of flagstaff where stewart had been on the force for a year. former president bush is improving but will remain in the hospital for now. he was taken to the hospital tuesday and experiencing shortness of breath. the 41st president and his wife watched a little tv and saw the texans beat the jaguars 23-17 and the president congratulated the coach and team on a winning season. no word on exactly when he's
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going to get out of the hospital though. lava from that hawaiian volcano is creeping closer to a shopping center. it's less than 600 yards from the shopping center. this is video you're seeing from yesterday. nearby residents and businesses not in immediate danger. it was predicted earlier that the lava would hit the marketplace sometime around christmas day. now to the weather where most of the country will ring in 2015 with extreme cold. >> yeah take a look here, folks. you're on there somewhere. the arctic air dropping into the country's midsection and low temperatures will push further south during the week. people ringing in the new year in the northeast and midwest, ooh, you better bundle up. temperatures expected to be in the 20s and teens. >> cold air begins moving in today. it'll be chilly in the southwest and well below normal in the northwest. snow will stretch from the utah -- from utah across to kansas and nebraska. there could be showers along the gulf coast and some moderate
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rain in the southeast but it should be sunny and mild in atlanta and new orleans. still ahead, the airline that gave christmas presents to thousands of people with mistaken deep discounts. >> plus, stranded for days in the alaskan wilderness a man talks about how he battled the cold and a wolverine. and a great white on the attack dragging a surfer under the water. the quick thinking that saved his life.
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the stock market is opening today in record territory. the dow has gained almost 6% in the past seven sessions while setting new records every day last week. the s&p 500 is also opening higher than ever this morning. there's good upward momentum as the year ends and stocks always
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do well in years ending in a 5. gamers rejoice. both the sony playstation network and microsoft's xbox live back online after outages that began christmas day and ran well into the weekend. a group calling itself the lizard squad claimed responsibility for the cyberattack. cybersecurity experts say this hack inging was much less expert than the one that hit sony pictures. sony's release of the controversial movie "the interview" may have added to the playstation network's problems. the 2 million online rentals of the film took in more than $15 million and might have been higher if not for the xbox and playstation problems. apple's itunes offering 9 film as well. in theaters "the interview" did about 3 million bucks in business. meantime, it was the newest hobbit movie remaining supreme at the box office. "the hobbit: the battle of the five armies" remained on top taking in $41 million. "unbroken" was second with 32 millions. "into the woods" from our parent company disney was a close third with 31
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million bucks. sales of a classic recreational vehicle are soaring. airstream can't keep up with demand for its retro-looking campers despite their high price. it dates back to the 1930s. they're still being built by hand at an ohio factory. 50 every week. the backlog is about three weeks long. the company is building a second factory marketing toward a younger generation. and lucky travelers who bought really cheap tickets issued by mistake will get to fly. etihad says it will honor the discounted tickets and abu dhabi flights to new york sold for as low as $187. the glitch was discovered christmas morning and shared on several airfare websites. you missed it. >> yes, i did. we come back, caught on camera. a burning building with nowhere to run and a toddler's brave jump to safety. and we're following breaking news. new developments in the search for the missing airasia jet. we'll have an update.
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the northwest into the midwest. roads along the southeast coast will be wet. >> if you happen to be flying airport delays possible in denver, salt lake city as well as charlotte. updating this morning's breaking news, debris from the economying airasia jet may have been found. australian search planes spotted objects floating in the sea but it's not yet known if they came from the flight that disappeared over the weekend. >> officials don't hold out much hope. they say they expect to quote, find it at the bottom of the ocean. there were 162 people aboard the airbus 320 on road from indonesia to singapore. the pilot had asked permission to fly higher to avoid bad weather but didn't get it. a remarkable story now. a man in alaska lucky to be alive following a remarkable ordeal. his name is craig johnson. he was an 80-mile trip to visit family when his snowmobile crashed through the ice soaking him up to his waist. johnson then trekked 30 miles in the dark, temperatures 35 degrees below zero. he found shelter in a four-foot long wooden box and after three
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days he was found by his cousin. >> i couldn't even scream but somehow something inside me took -- made me scream at him, telling him i'm right here. >> he was yelling, aaagh, i'm here. >> during his time alone he was followed, he said, by a wolverine. johnson says rescue helicopters, get this flew right over him at one point but didn't see him. >> it is a holiday miracle caught on camera for one alabama family. fire tearing through an apartment. a 3-year-old trapped inside. >> come on, your mama right here. your mama said do it, come on. >> with neighbors urging him to jump from the second floor, fire all around him, he did it. landing in the arms of a neighbor. the drama played out on christmas morning. >> every time you watch it, like oh, my god, he jumped. he jumped. he finally jumped and that feeling it gives you just to relive that moment and say that you saved someone's life.
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>> four children rescued from that fire including the boy who jumped are all doing okay. the fire was started by food left on the stove. and another fire not nearly as dramatic at the entrance to a floating luxury hotel in gibraltar. no word about what started it and no one was hurt. the hotel and neighboring casino were evacuated during the blaze which damaged one of the hotel's entrances. the fire was contained in about two hours. surfers in central california are keeping a close eye in the water after a jaws spotting. a surfer was bitten by a great white. the man's surfboard show the scars of that shark attack. it happened yesterday. he was dragged underwater by the juvenile great white, we're told, bitten on the hip and able to paddle to shore where he made a tourniquet with his leash cord. >> the biggest blessing was there was a woman doctor who happened to be right there on the beach. she came down and gave him a quick assessment
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of how bad the wound was. >> the man was flown to a hospital. he's recovering now. the beach is still open. warning signs are posted. surf at your own risk. well, former "saved by the bell" star dustin diamond who played beloved nerd screech, well he's due in court today. he's 37 years old now. he is accused of stabbing somebody during a bar fight near milwaukee. details of the incident need to be cleared up but diamond is facing several charges. and if convicted, he could face more than a decade in prison. a funeral in california gets off to a bizarre start with someone stealing the hearse with the body still inside. investigators say this hearse was parked outside a south los angeles church when a man jumped inside and took off. grieving family members chased down the suspect eventually getting him to pull over. the man was taken into custody. the funeral went on as planned. >> it's official. i've heard it all. >> yes, indeed. we turn to some football now. three college bowl games on tap for today. >> as for the pros, the regular season is in the books. how it all ended from our guy at espn.
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>> good morning and welcome inside "sportscenter." i'm jay harris. after 17 weeks the nfl playoff picture is finally clear. let's start in pittsburgh where the steelers wrapped up the afc north. we begin fourth quarter. steelers up 3. ben roethlisberger back. spots antonio brown. 63 yards later he is in the end zone. steelers win, 27-17. bengals still make the playoffs as a wild card. lions and packers. third quarter, tied at 14. aaron rodgers back to pass, 13 yards to randall cobb. packers win it, 30-20. with the win the packers gain a first round bye. panthers and falcons, second quarter. carolina up, 17-3. cam newton keeping it. powers in, four-yard touchdown. panthers win 34-3 and the
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panthers take the nfc south. here are the nfc matchups on wild card weekend. the cardinals visiting the panthers. that game, saturday, 4:35 eastern on espn and on sunday, the cowboys will host the lions. here's a look at the afc. on saturday night, the steelers will host the ravens, pittsburgh has won three previous postseason meetings against baltimore and on sunday the bengals visit the colts. next live "sportscenter" 8:00 a.m. eastern. i'm jay harris. a bit more from the nfl. one notable highlight from the meaningless game between the jets and the dolphins, miami running back lamar miller taking a handoff at his own 3 yard line. >> then he breaks free. he could be going all the way. i wish i was boomer. i could do this a little better. but he does go all the way. a franchise record 97-yard touchdown. there have only been two longer runs in nfl history. despite him getting the
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♪ time to check out "the pulse" beginning with chris rock and his wife splitting after nearly two decades. >> yeah, rock's publicist says the comedian has filed from divorce from malaak compton-rock. the couple had been married 19 years and have two daughters, two girls there, ages 12 and 10. >> a lot of rock lately. his movie "top five" is doing well hauling in nearly $20 million. next up, a new level of luxury inside a 2015 cadillac escalade. you might not get great gas mileage but you probably don't care. the luxury design company in california put this thing together. it does have 48-inch tvs inside, has one in the rear passenger compartments you can see there. >> you don't need to drive to enjoy it. who cares about the mileage. other features, satellite tv, 24
4:23 am
karat gold plating. the designer isn't saying how much this model goes for but you know what, if you need to ask you probably can't afford it. >> good rule of thumb. this christmas, and youtube brought a reminder to be careful what you ask for. >> yeah. that was a lesson for a little princess who said she wanted a doll from the lead character in a very popular animated adventure. well, she got her wish kind of sort of. >> you know what that is? >> no. >> it's a frozen doll. it's frozen. it's not what you wanted? >> daddy, no! >> why. what's wrong? it's a frozen doll. look at it. >> okay. now we don't know if the little girl eventually got her elsa doll or hit her father upside his head with that but that's kind of mean. hopefully this all worked out. that's not funny. >> that's like a 2014 lump of coal. a piece of ice, a frozen doll. finally a proposal that did not go according to plan. it happened on christmas morning. >> cody gives his girlfriend a
4:24 am
box telling each item inside is a clue to her gift. turns out all those items were letters that spelled something out. >> say them out loud. >> will -- >> okay. she didn't get far here before she figured out the letters spelled out, will you marry me. there's a whole lot of crying going on here. >> the dogs are like what's going on? eventually cody gets down on one knee with the ring. she says yes, believe it or not through those tears. >> she is losing it. >> she's losing it. >> we let this play out a little earlier. i couldn't help but watch her reaction. she seemed like she's in pain almost like physical pain. she's excited clearly. >> yeah. good luck in the future, though. i'm sure she'll get over it and they'll move on. obviously they're very happy. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everybody else we'll be back with a ride in the rose
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is december 29. mike you have the nice christmas tie. >> snowflakes or candy we are not getting snow but lake tahoe is. the cold robert will bring the snow and bring us brutal cold. this morning though, we have fog around petaluma. patchy fog this morning and leyla gulen and i will watch that. live doppler hd shows most of the fog is right up in the north bay valley which is where it will stay. we will have a lot of sunshine and it could be the warmest day
4:29 am
of week. >> we did not know that snowflakes had gender. the bay bridge from the eastern span is moving along nicely with light conditions across the bay area. and the toll plaza does not have too many cars. however, we will probably see some regular traffic. we saw light conditions on friday. back to the ground -- grind this morning. >> in san francisco a home invasion robbery is under investigation right now. the victims, san francisco state student. amy hollyfield is at the scene. amy? behind me you can see police are still here on the scene. they are inside the apartment unit. they are gathering over. they are talking to the victims. we are in san francisco on camden drive.
4:30 am
it started at 3:00 this morning. we told two men with a gun and with masks invaded the home. we do not know how they got in. we do not know what they took. everyone does seem to be okay. one victim got away and ran quite a ways and when to 19th. finally he called for help. police were able to get here and help the people. it was scary situation. we think everyone is okay and we are waiting to be briefed from the sergeant on the scene. he is busy inside but we are told hopefully he can tell us more about what happened why this possibly happened, if it was random or if the people were targeted. those are details we are hoping will come out later this morning. reporting in san francisco for abc7 news. >> developing news from the north bay a man is dead


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